Houston, Texas

March 11-12, 2024

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Don’t let 2024 be a repeat of 2023: Discover the Proven Strategies to Streamline Operations, Maximize Efficiency, and Achieve the Work-Life Balance You Deserve!

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Business Summit in Houston, Texas

Houston Two Day Takeoff
Regain Your Freedom!

This “Can’t Miss” Training Event Of 2024 Is ONLY For High Level Business Owners Who Want To Decrease Their Stress While Adding Zeros To Their Bottom Line…

You probably agree that the last couple of years have been incredibly challenging for business owners like you and me.

First the pandemic, then the struggle of finding and retaining talent when no one seems to want to work, then inflation and a looming recession.

BUT, uncertain times can provide the greatest opportunities.

That’s why I chose this time to launch my 2-Day Business Breakthrough Training, so you’ll be armed with a foolproof strategic operations plan that will enable you to:

  • Attract and retain the right talent for your team
  • Reduce your day-to-day responsibilities
  • Focus on growing the business and attracting new business

…All while others are playing it safe until we’re out of recession.

Are you ready to get ahead while you still can?

Using My Proven Model For Having a Business Breakthrough

You’ll Discover How To:

  • Work Less, Earn More & Add Zeros To Your Bottom Line
  • Structure Your Business Specifically To Achieve Your Goals
  • Rely More On Proven Systems & Depend Less On People
  • Set Up Accountability Systems That Leave People Inspired & Motivated
  • Run Your Business By The Numbers, Not By Emotions & Gut Feelings








Here’s Exactly Why You Need To Make Time For The

2-Day Takeoff Business Summit . . .


Think about why you started your business in the first place . . .
You didn’t leave the relative safety and security of working for someone else and take on all the risks of starting and running a business to have longer hours, more stress and less financial freedom than you had before, did you?



So… if you’re not thriving, if your business is not growing and requires long, exhausting hours from you, if you don’t have a great team running the day-to-day and you fail to consistently meet or exceed your financial goals, all while having none of the time you want for family, friends and fun…


Then give me just 2-days and together we’ll get you on the right path to change your life and business, forever.

Are you ready to become the owner of your business, instead of its hardest working, least appreciated employee?
I’m going to show you how.


Before Takeoff Business Summit

  • Burnt Out From Long Workweeks
  • Frustrated By Constant People Problems
  • No Time To Work ON The Business
  • Stuck On An Earnings Plateau
  • Stressed Out From Financial Uncertainties
  • Tied To The Business Forever
  • Lost In Day-To-Day, Manual Processes

After Takeoff Business Summit Summit

  • Refreshed & Raring To Be A Leader
  • Worry Free With A System-Centric Business
  • More Time Spent GROWING the Business
  • Consistently Blowing Past Income Goals
  • Empowered By Knowing & Tracking Your KPIs
  • Business Thrives Without Your Involvement

In Fact, You’ll Be Flat Out Shocked When You Discover Why . . .

  • You’re Not As Important To The Business As You Think
    And Why That’s GREAT News!
  • You’re Not As Irreplaceable As You Think You Are
    And Why That’s Even BETTER News!
  • You Shouldn’t Even Be Working IN The Business
    And Why That’s The BEST News Of All!

A Note From Your Host: Steve Rozenberg

In 2012 I launched into a completely new business initiative when I created the fastest-growing property management company in the state of Texas. While managing over 1,000 properties across 3 major metropolitan cities, I built this business up and created maximum cash flow.

During this time I also flipped, owned, and wholesaled hundreds of single family homes and apartment complexes across the US.

Most people could never get all of this done without exhausting, grueling hours and mounting stress.

I did it on autopilot.

How did I do it? I knew something that most people in this business DON’T…

As an international commercial airline pilot of 25 years, I had become an expert in the systems, structure, and emergency preparations that allow us to safely move people around the globe every day. I understood the critical nature of strategic planning and purposeful navigation.

Just like I knew that you can’t fly a plane without understanding and following the right systems and operations, I knew that every business needs a clear, systems-based roadmap to success… BEFORE it can take off. When I applied that approach to my business, everything changed.

We’re going to create a roadmap for your business, together.

Are you ready to watch your profits soar??

Now’s The Time To Take Action!

Don’t have 2024 end the same way you ended 2023…

Recession-Proof Your Business While Others Fret & Fail

Leverage “Recession Opportunities” Others Won’t Be Prepared For

Free Yourself From People Problems With A Systems-Centric Business

Add Zeros To Your Bottom Line & Remove Yourself From Your Workweek


When is the event?

The live event will be held in Houston, Texas and starts at 10:00am on March 11th. Remember to clear your calendar! You won’t want to miss a minute of this fast-paced event.

How long will the event last?
We’ve packed a full two days of training into the Takeoff Summit. But, we’ll wrap things up by late afternoon each day, so no need to cancel your dinner plans!
What kind of business is this event best for?
Any type of business can benefit from the methods Steve will share at the Takeoff Summit. However, this event is specially designed for you if your business provides a product or service in the building and trades marketplace such as electricians, plumbing contractors, general contractors, roofers, drywallers, painters, kitchen contractors, you name it — businesses where you, the owner, typically work long hours and find it nearly impossible to be away from the business for a few days, much less a week or a month.
How much money does my business need to be making already in order to use the methods Steve is teaching?
Steve’s methods work for any size business, so even bare startups can use them to launch with an efficient, systems-centric business. You’ll be learning advanced techniques and analyzing your business operations, so you’ve got to have some kind of historical financial and operations data and a functioning team.
How is this different from time management and efficiency training?
Time management and efficiency training is all about organizing your time so you can work more! The methods you’ll learn in Unlimited Growth are the complete opposite. It’s all about getting yourself totally free from the day-to-day, so the business can run just fine without you. However, you will learn how to implement systems and methods that will make your team a lot more efficient, a lot more inspired and a lot more accountable for producing results.
Can I implement Steve's methods right away?
If your business is in revenue and you’ve got employees you can implement Steve’s methods quickly. You’ll need to understand how each component is integrated into the whole, to create a systems-centric business and you’ll have to commit to integrating each component or you won’t achieve the best results.