Steve on Bigger Pockets

Today we bring you another mentor/mentee conversation, where Joe Roberts shares his experience working alongside Steve Rozenberg to buy his first long-distance investment property.

New landlords and aspiring rental property owners often go into this without fully considering what managing tenants is really like. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a nightmare.

Times are changing & landlords / real estate investors need to know what's happening rent moratorium and evictions..

Ashley and Felipe sat down with Joe Asamoah and Steve Rozenberg to discuss the topic on everyone's mind: the COVID-19 outbreak and its inevitable impact on real estate investors.

This week, they'll recap some rental property data for the week before diving into a few property management niches: specifically, how they're handling short-term rentals, turnkey investments, hot market investments, and more!

Getting started in real estate investing often comes with numerous ideas of what it's like to be an investor and we often hear/ create myths that give us an unreal idea of what it's like to be a real estate investor.

Steve Rozenberg shares 5 rental property killers and how you can avoid these in your real estate investing business.

It happens more than you think, you analyze a rental property deal, buy it, only to discover it's not making as much or any money at all..

Do you find yourself wondering why some real estate investors you see are out there dominating and you aren't?

You hear it all the time, new investors quitting their W2 jobs to seek financial freedom and start investing in real estate

It's very easy to think landlords and rea

Learning financial education as a kid is more important than ever and in this video, Steve Rozenberg shares how he taught his son the real lessons of real estate investing and the skills he'll need to succeed.

Want to build a cash-flowing portfolio while working a full-time job? Want to work less hours & make more money?