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How to Survive a Recession

Read Steve's recent article on American Apartment Owners Association "How to Survive A Recession" to learn how to make your investment portfolio more resistant to a recession.

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2020 SF Bay Summit - Steve Rozenberg speakerTTMM is a weekly live training where the community and Steve will jump on a live video call where we discuss everything from Properties, and Investments, business, to sales and closing, marketing, scaling, and so much more...

The Think Tank Mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals all working together to elevate their game - to make more money, to gain more freedom and achieve the life they've always dreamed of...

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Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions Book by Steve Rozenberg

Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions

Steve Rozenberg is encouraging and professional as he shares his heart, his head, and his passion for overcoming the challenges and obstacles to building a successful real estate business.