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July 8-9, 2024

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Business Automation Blackbook

Trade your ordinary outcomes for extraordinary ones. I want to give you my Business Automation Blackbook. You’ll learn the exact steps you need to take to slash vour working hours by 80%, streamline your operation, and skyrocket your profits
Start Working Smarter!


Learn the 3 secrets to running your business on autopilot!

Stop overworking yourself for medium-size results.

This masterclass will help you prevent your worst business nightmares. You’ll learn how to develop a world-class team, culture, and playbook to skyrocket your business to success.

Layover: Argentina

As an international airline pilot, Steve travels to interesting destinations all over the world. Have you ever wondered what a pilot does on their layover? Come along on a recent trip to Argentina!


Incredible book written by an incredible man!
I am not critiquing this well written book as a property manager, but as a personal friend and former colleague at Continental Airlines! I can vouch for Steve’s Character, dedication to family, and unbelievable drive! I was a witness to Steve and Pete building their “Empire” one brick at a time! This book should inspire anyone to succeed!
“The Sky’s The Limit”

Jan Understein

An international commercial airline pilot who, after the tragedies of 9/11, was forced to realize that his “Safe and Secure career” was nowhere near as safe and secure as he had thought.

Steve chose real estate investing to be able to control his own destiny and create his own generational wealth.

Steve created the fastest growing property management company in the state of Texas. Managing over 1,000 properties across 3 major metropolitan cities. Steve built the business up and created maximum cash flow positioning his company for a very profitable exit.

Along with growing his property management company, Rozenberg has flipped, owned, and wholesaled hundreds of single family homes and apartment complexes across the US.

Parlaying all of the success from real estate investing and property management growth, Steve has gone on to be one of the most well-known influencers in the Real Estate Community. He is a top contributor to BiggerPockets as well as other top level Real Estate platforms. He has been a guest and collaborated on countless panels, webinars, masterminds, conferences, podcasts as well as being a published author.

We’ve been to many masterminds and Steve substantially blew away the competition by creating a community among those who attended and holding us accountable to take action!
Kody Randlett

Vice President, Kris Konstruction

We’re already seeing a BIG DIFFERENCE in our lives. We are VERY EXCITED to be working with Steve.
Toby & Sarah Patch

We got A TON of VALUE out of the mastermind. Really looking forward to WORKING and GROWING together over the years.
Shawn Bhatti

Owner, Bhatti Investments LLC

I believe in Steve and I trust him 100%! I am changing and it feels amazing!

Bobby Hermosillo

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