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millionaire mindset academy

Finally I am here to show you how to have the right focus and mindset to achieve what you want out of real estate through state of the art interactive video education.

Whether it is just getting your first deal or trying to get your twentieth.

Having the right mindset and not letting your properties run you into the ground is key if you want to create the financial wealth you desire

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Think Tank Mastermind

Steve answers questions from the grouip on this week's Mastermind

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Helping Investors Reach Their Goals

Are you on track to reach your net worth goals?

Do you wonder why some people succeed and others fail?

Need help overcoming challenges that are preventing you from reaching your goal?

This week Pete Neubig joins Steve to discuss setting up Partnerships and how you determine compensation and equity as well as who is doing what roles in the company.

Today we bring you another mentor/mentee conversation, where Joe Roberts shares his experience working alongside Steve Rozenberg to buy his first long-distance investment property.

Investing in Rental Property Remotely

Through the mentorship of Steve Rozenberg, Joe is going to research markets, build a team, purchase a property, complete a renovation, lease the property, and everything in between—without Joe ever seeing the property in-person. Joe was the lucky winner of $20,000 in a BiggerPockets contest.


Steve Rozenberg is the Vice President of Education for Mynd Property Management and has written a series of articles for BiggerPockets®

Want to build a cash-flowing portfolio while working a full-time job? Want to work less hours and make more money?

Steve Rozenberg on Bigger Pockets

This week, they'll recap some rental property data for the week before diving into a few property management niches: specifically, how they're handling short-term rentals, turnkey investments, hot market investments, and more!

Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions Book by Steve Rozenberg

Building an Empire: Failing Our Way to Millions

Steve Rozenberg is encouraging and professional as he shares his heart, his head, and his passion for overcoming the challenges and obstacles to building a successful real estate business.

Lion’s Leadership Den Podcast Episodes

Sid Clevinger from Better Leads Box – Lion’s Leadership Den Podcast 28

Steve and Sid discuss the challenges of entrepreneurship and sources they go to for inspiration, advice, and guidance. Guest: Sid Clevinger of Better Leads Box. Connect with Sid on Facebook and follow his Better Leads Box Facebook page where you find a feed full of informative videos. Hosts: Steve Rozenberg – Steve Rozenberg is the […]

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Jessica Rhodes – Interview Connections – Lion’s Leadership Den Podcast 27

Jessica Rhodes, Founder and Co-Owner at Interview Connections, discusses her growth from a one-person operation to a staff of twelve. Jessica invented the podcast guest booking industry. When she started booking podcast interviews for private clients in 2013, there were no other services like it in the market. Her team continues to innovate and uplevel […]

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Enrique Jevons on Merging with Another Property Management Company – Lion’s Leadership Den 26

Steve, Alex and Enrique discuss his experience with merging his property management company with a larger one. Topics discusses include: How his hotel experience was useful in starting his property management company Make sure you are factoring in all the expenses like maintenance/repairs If you are self managing your rental property, you still should include […]

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Vincent DeOrio on Real Estate Mergers and Acquisitions – Lion’s Leadership Den 25

Vincent DeOrio of Mynd Property Management discusses real estate mergers and acquisitions and how they transition when two companies have different systems and procedures. Mynd Property Management serves the small residential real estate sector with a combination of on-the-ground experts and innovative technology. Headquartered in Oakland, Calif., Mynd boosts efficiencies for property owners and improves […]

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Jeramy Poole on Real Estate Video Marketing – Lion’s Leadership Den 24

Jeramy Poole joins Steve and Alex to discuss real estate video marketing, branding, and events bringing people in real estate together. Jeramy Poole is all about connecting people in real estate and you can find him in multiple places doing just that: VIVID Realty Group in Tacoma WA. CEO of Real Estate Social, a real […]

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Nick Raithel, the 7-Hour Book, and Becoming a Thought Leader – Lion’s Leadership Den 23

Nick Raithel is the founder of 7-Hour Book and helps business people build their authority by publishing their own book in just seven hours. Are you looking to get started on the speaking circuit? How are you spreading the word about yourself? How are you establishing yourself the authority on a topic? What are you […]

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Todd Breen and Dave Holt – Surevestor – Bringing a New Industry Product to Market – Lion’s Leadership Den 22

Todd Breen and Dave Holt talk about the struggles of starting up Surevestor, a company offering smart insurance for the rental home investor. They discuss how they brought this insurance concept to the US from Australia, and how offering it is significantly increasing owner sign-ups. Not only that, they are higher valued rental properties. Getting […]

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Andy Boyum from Roofstock – a Marketplace for Real Estate Investors – Lion’s Leadership Den 21

Andy Boyum from Roofstock joins Steve Rozenberg and Wes Owens to discuss Roofstock, a marketplace for investors who want to buy or sell single-family homes. Guest: Andy Boyum from Roofstock. Roofstock is the first online marketplace created exclusively for investing in single family rental homes. Created by investors for investors, Roofstock provides research, analytics, and […]

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Don Ganguly from Investimate – Forecasting Investment Property Performance Lion’s Leadership Den 20

Don, Steve and Alex discuss how property managers that also have a sales team can use INVESTimate to forecast the performance of a residential property whether a client is selling or buying an investment property. Guest: Don Ganguly from Investimate HomeUnion®’s INVESTimate® is an all-in-one website that allows investors to evaluate any single-family residential (SFR) […]

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Brad Sugars on Capital, Strategy, Industry Opportunity – Lion’s Leadership Den 19

We are thrilled to have Brad Sugars on the Lion’s Leadership Den Podcast to share his thoughts on capital, strategy and opportunity. Brad is one of the best-known names in business coaching. His innovative approach to mentorship sets him apart from the crowded field of business. He is also the author of 17 books with […]

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