Steve Rozenberg, originally aspiring to be an international pilot, navigated a challenging shift in his career trajectory when the 9/11 attacks jeopardized his pilot career. Turning adversity into opportunity, he embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and transformed his situation into a multimillion-dollar success story.

As the proud owner and founder of The Rozenberg Group, an esteemed international consulting firm, Steve is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and regain control of their time and freedom.

Beyond his role as a successful entrepreneur, Steve is renowned for his dynamic keynote presentations. He delivers motivational and inspiring speeches that resonate with audiences, providing actionable steps, business systems, and a roadmap to success. His direct yet hopeful messages engage audiences both mentally and emotionally, instilling a positive outlook and guiding them toward success in various aspects of life.

Despite facing an unimaginable tragedy on March 6th, 2023, with the loss of his beloved son Jett in a motorcycle accident, Steve demonstrated an indomitable spirit. In honor of Jett’s remarkable life, filled with global adventures, martial arts, music, and inspiration, Steve and his wife Renee established the LIVE LIKE JETT SCHOLARSHIP FUND.

This scholarship fund serves as a tribute to Jett’s legacy, encouraging others to embrace life fully and persistently pursue their dreams. The fund specifically supports high school students seeking to enter the trade industry, mirroring Jett’s passion as a welder.

Currently, Steve Rozenberg channels his extensive experience as a successful real estate investor to mentor and guide individuals toward prosperity. Despite the challenges he has faced, Steve remains committed to inspiring, uplifting, and creating a positive impact on the lives of those around him.