Contractors Speaker Steve Rozenberg

Steve Rozenberg has been speaking to contractors at events all over the country, such as his Two Day Takeoff events in Houston, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, as well as his Ascend Mansion events in Breckenridge, Scottsdale and Houston, and more.

Steve has also been a main stage speaker at Win The Storm and the Mile High Profit Summit.

Contractors flock to Steve for his expertise and guidance as they try to run their businesses more efficiently.

“He’s top notch. He’s very sincere!”

—kris randlett, Kris Konstruction

Systems & processes for contractors

• Break down Marketing, Sales, Operations, Vision, Goals
• Learn How to Make Your Business Run Without You
• Systematize Your Operations
• Identify the Keys to Explosive Business Growth

Why Contractors?

Steve has worked with many individuals who have started business that generate a very high revenue. The problem that most of these contractors have is they haven’t implemented systems, so that it truly is a business. They work 80-100 hours per week and their life is complete chaos trying to keep it all afloat. Steve is the answer to this common problem.

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